Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Busy days in the garden

What a busy week we had in the garden.  The week started with a much needed weeding party!

Thank you to all who helped!  The garden looks beautiful and in true reduce, reuse, recycle spirit the two PACKED bins of weeds were a yummy treat to one of the NCS families chickens.
a little weedy snack for the chickens
The same day, we also thinned out the zucchini.  Armed with a shovel, ready to dig those zucchini out, I quickly learned that all I needed was two hands and a little pull. 
Turns out, those big zucchini plants have quite a small root structure.  I was amazed that such tiny roots could supply the plants with all they needed to produce such a large plant.
rotting zucchini fruit
One problem that we have been noticing with the zucchini, is that some of the fruit have been rotting on the vine before they fully develop.  Any suggestions or ideas?

Overall, the garden is doing great.  Gardeners have noticed that the rain barrel side (on right) generally has fuller plants with more flowers, while the rain only side seems to be producing larger zucchini so far.  Interesting.
Ears of corn with silk coming out the top have appeared on both sides.

And, beans are growing here and there.  Yum!
I cant wait to report what this weeks gardeners find.  If you cant wait until next week, stop by the garden and explore yourself.  We would love to hear what you see!  (don't be afraid to hop the fence and take a gentle look under the leaves, that is where most of  mother nature's magic happens)

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