Monday, August 22, 2011

Abundant Harvest

The summer has been good to the NCS garden. 
We have been picking (and still are) many zucchini from both sides of the garden.  And what a treat it is!

NCS students eating some of the zucchini they harvested, YUM!

The beans have are hitting their peak as well, and they are equally delicious!
The beans have been the one area where the data collectors have begun to see a big difference in the two sides of the garden.  While all the plants look very healthy, it seem the rain barrel side is definitely out producing the rain only side.  Last Friday, hardly any beans were harvested from the rain only side, while over 2 dozen were collected from each of the rain barrel plants that were measured.

The corn should be ready for harvest soon, and we will get a glimpse of the damage the beetles have been doing inside of the ears of corn.  They are still very present in the garden.

School will be starting next week, and soon you will be getting some blogging action from the students themselves.  I, for one, am very excited to hear about what they think about their seeds they planted in the last days of school.

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  1. Tuesday August 23rd/2011

    We came to tender the to the garden and it had RAIN a lot! so no need to water.
    It was MUDDY!!!
    Barrel were full!
    We picked several zuchinni ONE Of them was HUGE 53 cm in lenght!. 4-5 corn ears couple corn ears were full beetles at the tip, CUT the tips, cook them and eat them YUMMY delicious!!!!

    We gave the produce to some landscaping workers on the grounds and to Michael's custard workers!!!


    Andres, Adriana, Emma